What Are Professional Disputes and How Can Commercial Insurance Help?

There are certain terms that small business owners may not be aware of before they begin work. This is usually because they’re focusing their minds on other matters, yet it can often hinder an owner not to think ahead when serving their clients. Bye Financial Group, LLC wants the people of Lansing and Grand Ledge, MI to have all the facts before they decide on commercial insurance for their company. 

What Is a Professional Dispute?

A professional dispute is typically something that stems from a client’s dissatisfaction. Let’s say you supply children’s birthday cakes to a variety of different neighbors in the area. One day you accidentally get two birthday cakes confused, and the wrong ones go home with the wrong people. Whether you think it’s justified or not, a client could demand an extraordinary amount of money because they feel you ruined their party. If you decide not to pay it, they may choose to take legal action against you. 

How Commercial Insurance Can Help 

Most commercial businesses have a general liability policy that protects them against a variety of mistakes that they may make (e.g., product defects, etc.) However, this policy won’t typically cover any professional disputes. Businesses in Lansing and Grand Ledge, MI should be doing everything they can to prepare themselves for many different claims that come their way, and Bye Financial Group, LLC can help. Our staff is available to help you decide what the right amount of coverage is for your business, regardless of what you do. Even if a lawsuit for a professional dispute is dismissed, it can still disrupt a company in a number of ways. Call us today if you want to minimize the negative effects of a professional dispute.