How An Agency Like Ours Can Help You With Your Health Insurance Needs

We Are Not A Health Insurance Agency But Bye Financial Group LLC Can Help You Find the Right Plan

The lovely state of Michigan has a lot to offer its residents and quality healthcare is one of the most important things. Insurance agencies can help you with the difficult process of acquiring and enrolling into a health insurance plan.

Some are frustrated to such an extent that they go without health insurance. Let us help you help yourself. We can navigate the healthcare marketplace and help you select your plan if necessary. We are available to assist in any way that is deemed appropriate.

If there are pending health issues on the horizon and you feel your current level or health plan may not provide the coverage you need. An insurance agent can be the appropriate point of contact to avoid any lapses in coverage or resultant penalties. 

An authorized insurance agent will discuss your particular needs in terms of health insurance. That knowledge gives us the ability to assist you in choosing the right program to meet your needs. In general, Michigan offers the following types of health insurance: Group coverage, Individual coverage, Medicare, Medicaid,  and the Healthy Michigan Plan.     

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Take a healthy stride right into the offices of Bye Financial Group LLC in Grand Ledge, MI. If you prefer to contact us by telephone our number is 517-622-5020. We are well-equipped to help you find the right health insurance plan to fit your needs. Our Insurance products also include the following: auto, home, commercial, life, motorcycle, flood, boat/watercraft, and classic car insurances. Your health is your greatest asset and we will help you protect it with the appropriate health insurance.