Renter’s Insurance FAQs

Don’t be left in the cold if your landlord is unreliable or worse. Renters insurance is a good idea when you do not own your own home, but many people skip it because they don’t realize the risks of renting. At Bye Financial Group LLC we want to clear up any confusion you may have about renter’s insurance benefits. We serve Grand Ledge, MI with quality insurance services. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Renter’s Insurance

  • Can My Landlord Require Renter’s Insurance on My Lease? Yes, this is a common practice for some landlords. Don’t fret though, it means that they are conscientious and this will likely reflect in other aspects of the building maintenance. Renter’s insurance is fairly inexpensive and will leave you protected so look at it as a perk. 
  • Why Should I Get Renter’s Insurance If My Landlord is Already Covered? Because the coverage a landlord has is for the building and certain aspects related to his costs. Renter’s insurance is for your personal protection and will mean your valuables are insured, and your guests are safer when they visit. 
  • What Can Renter’s Insurance Cover? Renter’s insurance will cover your belongings that are written into the policy, it will likely protect a guest that is wounded on your property, and it will protect you in case of litigation from said accident. Discuss your personal policy limits with our representative when you come in. 

Contact us to discuss renter’s insurance or any other insurance needs you may have. We serve Grand Ledge, MI and the surrounding areas with quality insurance coverage for all aspects of your life. Call us at Bye Financial Group LLC today, 517-622-5020.