What Does Home Insurance Cover in Michigan?

Homeownership in Michigan is a great accomplishment and one that you should be proud of. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or this is the last home you plan on purchasing, ensuring your home is protected is one of the best decisions you can make.

If you have a quality home insurance policy, out-of-pocket costs are typically avoidable in the event of damage. With a reliable insurance company like Bye Financial Group LLC, Grand Ledge, MI residents gain peace of mind in knowing that anything can happen and their home is protected by insurance. 

Typical Coverage in Michigan

Standard coverage includes the structure itself, any personal belongings within the home, and any structures on the property like a pool or detached garage. Additional coverage, particularly flood insurance, is not usually covered by a standard home insurance policy. If you live in a high-risk flood area, mention this when shopping for insurance with an agent.

Basic insurance coverage is important to protect not only your home itself but the valuables inside the home as well. This is your personal property, like furniture, electronics, and other valuables. It’s difficult to put a price tag on that personal content, but it’s important to know the value of what you own. 

Liability coverage also should be included in your insurance policy. Liability simply covers you in the event that someone is injured on your property, either inside your home or on your land. It also covers you if you damage someone else’s home. 

For more information and guidance on selecting the home insurance policy that’s best suited for your lifestyle and needs, contact the team at Bye Financial Group LLC. We’re proud to serve the residents of Grand Ledge, MI with reliable insurance for their most important assets.