Commercial Insurance for Disasters: What Does It Cover?

Natural disasters can strike at any time and impact many businesses. Thankfully, at Bye Financial Group LLC, we can help Grand Ledge, MI residents and those in the surrounding area learn more about their insurance coverage. Doing so will protect the many businesses in this area. 

What Commercial Insurance Covers 

Commercial insurance has disaster coverage clauses that help to protect companies from severe loss. These policies typically cover a variety of different disaster situations to keep you operational in many circumstances. Just a few different types of disasters that are covered include:

  • Fires – The most common natural disaster to affect businesses is usually fire, which is why it’s covered in your policy at such an uncommonly high level. 
  • Earthquakes – If the earth moves under your business’s feet and gets damaged, your policy can help you repair your business and replace missing gear.
  • Weather Damage – Electrical strikes, snow damage, ice, and much more require commercial insurance to help fix up common damage problems.
  • Hurricanes – These damaging storms can cause a high level of damage that requires insurance to fix. Doing so can help to keep you in business.

Your policy should pay for things like structural damage, equipment loss, loss of operation, financial repayments, and much more. The idea behind this policy is to keep you solvent during an emergency and make it easier for you to get back on your feet when everything is done.

Get the Coverage You Need 

By working with us at Bye Financial Group LLC, Grand Ledge, MI business owners can keep their facilities safe and avoid costly repairs. We serve this city and many in the area, providing Michigan with the long-term coverage it needs at prices that make sense for your demands.