Financial consequences of being at fault for an accident

Drivers can be determined to be at fault for a collision for things like traffic violations, distracted driving, and other mistakes on the roads in Grand Ledge, MI. Because injured drivers have the right to bring civil lawsuits, the driver and their insurance company can be named defendants in the case, and the victim can argue for damages. Bye Financial Group LLC routinely goes through this process to help drivers afford the costs associated with their accidents. 

Payouts from the driver’s insurance provider

Liability coverage will pay for several thousand dollars worth of costs for the victim’s medical expenses and property damage. In most cases, the insurance company will pay out a settlement reflecting each party’s specific losses. Liability insurance is also required by law in Michigan and other states, and this is done to make sure that costs associated with an accident will be covered. 

Increased insurance costs

A driver who has already been at fault for one or more accidents can face additional costs from their insurance company. Whether these increases happen or the amount of the increase can vary significantly based on each individual insurance company and how they decide to handle the risk posed by the drivers they insure. 

Personal liability for damages

Sometimes, a driver may be liable for some or all accident costs. This is relevant in cases where the driver was operating their car illegally without the required insurance. It is also possible that the insurance coverage amount is insufficient when an accident results in large amounts of damage.  

Getting started with an auto insurance policy

Anyone who needs auto insurance coverage can contact the agents at Bye Financial Group LLC. Their agents serve the Grand Ledge, MI area, and they can provide more specific information about obtaining the proper coverage.