Renter’s Insurance FAQs

Don’t be left in the cold if your landlord is unreliable or worse. Renters insurance is a good idea when you do not own your own home, but many people skip it because they don’t realize the risks of renting. At Bye Financial Group LLC we want to clear up any confusion you may have about renter’s insurance benefits. We serve Grand Ledge, MI with quality insurance services. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Renter’s Insurance

  • Can My Landlord Require Renter’s Insurance on My Lease? Yes, this is a common practice for some landlords. Don’t fret though, it means that they are conscientious and this will likely reflect in other aspects of the building maintenance. Renter’s insurance is fairly inexpensive and will leave you protected so look at it as a perk. 
  • Why Should I Get Renter’s Insurance If My Landlord is Already Covered? Because the coverage a landlord has is for the building and certain aspects related to his costs. Renter’s insurance is for your personal protection and will mean your valuables are insured, and your guests are safer when they visit. 
  • What Can Renter’s Insurance Cover? Renter’s insurance will cover your belongings that are written into the policy, it will likely protect a guest that is wounded on your property, and it will protect you in case of litigation from said accident. Discuss your personal policy limits with our representative when you come in. 

Contact us to discuss renter’s insurance or any other insurance needs you may have. We serve Grand Ledge, MI and the surrounding areas with quality insurance coverage for all aspects of your life. Call us at Bye Financial Group LLC today, 517-622-5020.

Why do I need an umbrella policy

Before you can decide if you need an umbrella policy or if an umbrella policy is right for you, you need to understand what an umbrella policy is and what it does for you. Like an umbrella protects you from a stormy day, umbrella insurance protects your assets above and beyond what you homeowners, auto policies cover. On average, the basic umbrella policy begins at around a million dollars. Bye Financial Group LLC in Grand Ledge, MI has the information you need to understand what is needed. 

You may be thinking, “I have a small house” or “I have an old car” why would I want to have additional coverage beyond what my regular policy covers? Those are not the things that you are covering with an umbrella, it is not about replacing your home or car, it is about protecting you and your assets from the results of an accident either with your vehicle or on your premises. If you or a member of your household are the involved in an auto accident it can lead to litigation. If someone gets injured on your property, you can end up being sued.

When it comes to legal costs, it doesn’t take long for them to mount up whether or not you are found at fault or not. Judgments against you can take not only what you have now, but what you will have in the future. Bye Financial Group LLC in Grand Ledge, MI has knowledgeable agents who can walk you through all the ins and outs of an umbrella policy and how it can be a valuable coverage for you. Why not give them a call or stop by their office, you will be glad you did. You can also reach them on their website.

Coverage options to look for in your comprehensive auto insurance policy

Are you shopping for a new auto insurance policy, or are you looking to purchase your first vehicle? There are some coverage options to look for when choosing your comprehensive auto insurance policy that can help you in the event that you are involved in an accident or another mishap. The team at Bye Financial Group LLC is here to help the residents in the greater Grand Ledge, MI area finds the coverage that best suits their needs.

Check for these coverage options when choosing your comprehensive auto insurance policy. In addition to comprehensive, liability, and collision coverage, these other coverage options should be a part of your auto insurance policy coverage options:

  • Roadside assistance/towing – if your car breaks down while you are on the road, having coverage for roadside assistance and towing can make a stressful situation less of a headache
  • Uninsured driver coverage – unfortunately, there are many drivers in the Grand Ledge area who do not have the insurance coverage required by law. If you are involved in an accident with such an individual you may be held responsible for the damage that they cause. This coverage option should be a part of your comprehensive auto policy.
  • Full replacement in the event that your vehicle is totaled – your coverage levels may not be sufficient to replace your vehicle without this coverage option.

Now is the perfect time to make sure that your comprehensive auto policy has all of the coverage options that you need and want. Don’t put off a review any longer, call or stop by the offices of Bye Financial Group LLC today to learn more about the auto insurance options that are available to the residents in the greater Grand Ledge, MI area.

How An Agency Like Ours Can Help You With Your Health Insurance Needs

We Are Not A Health Insurance Agency But Bye Financial Group LLC Can Help You Find the Right Plan

The lovely state of Michigan has a lot to offer its residents and quality healthcare is one of the most important things. Insurance agencies can help you with the difficult process of acquiring and enrolling into a health insurance plan.

Some are frustrated to such an extent that they go without health insurance. Let us help you help yourself. We can navigate the healthcare marketplace and help you select your plan if necessary. We are available to assist in any way that is deemed appropriate.

If there are pending health issues on the horizon and you feel your current level or health plan may not provide the coverage you need. An insurance agent can be the appropriate point of contact to avoid any lapses in coverage or resultant penalties. 

An authorized insurance agent will discuss your particular needs in terms of health insurance. That knowledge gives us the ability to assist you in choosing the right program to meet your needs. In general, Michigan offers the following types of health insurance: Group coverage, Individual coverage, Medicare, Medicaid,  and the Healthy Michigan Plan.     

Up and Adam 

Take a healthy stride right into the offices of Bye Financial Group LLC in Grand Ledge, MI. If you prefer to contact us by telephone our number is 517-622-5020. We are well-equipped to help you find the right health insurance plan to fit your needs. Our Insurance products also include the following: auto, home, commercial, life, motorcycle, flood, boat/watercraft, and classic car insurances. Your health is your greatest asset and we will help you protect it with the appropriate health insurance. 

Life Insurance Recommendations for 2019

At Bye Financial Group, LLC, we want you to be as protected as possible as you go into the New Year. Here are a few life insurance recommendations for 2019 to guide you. We serve Grand Ledge, MI and the surrounding areas. 

 According to reports about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), many changes were made to federal tax law, and four, in particular, that will affect life insurance.

  • First is the increase in the lifetime gift tax exclusion, which means increased exclusion rates for large lifetime gifts, at least for the next several years before the act expires. It will affect existing life insurance policies because they will no longer be exposed to estate tax during the next eight years, but remember this change is temporary.
  • Second, there is a reduction in the corporate tax rate maximum, which increased the benefit of purchasing permanent insurance in some cases but generally does not affect a typical life insurance purchaser. 
  • Third, there are different regulations for life settlements which also will not affect your basic life insurance policy. 
  • Finally, there are some changes in regulations for life insurance company finances which include a change to the time period required for capitalization and amortization of policy acquisition. It has increased from 10 years to 15 years. This may end up affecting the pricing of life insurance for the clients, depending on a few factors.

These changes have a great impact on people with vast estates, corporate life insurance purchasers, and a smaller impact on people purchasing personal life insurance, although you may find a change in prices and some tax benefits to your family. Due to these changes in the TCJA it is recommended that you keep any policy you have, and upgrading or purchasing a policy now will also be beneficial to your family over the next 8 years of the change.  

If you have any questions or are ready to purchase life insurance, contact us at Bye Financial Group, LLC. We proudly serve the people of Grand Ledge, MI. 


How Can Commercial Insurance Help Injured Employees?

Injured employees pose a serious risk for both the employee and the employer. For those employers that have dealt with employee injury on site or in the workplace, a commercial policy may be the best way to insure that you are safe and that your employees are safe as well. For those that live in the Grand Ledge, MI area, the agents that work at Bye Financial Group, LLC can help you to find the policy that protects you and your workers.

Workers Compensation

One of the most significant issues that an employer can deal with is the injury of an employee. Without some insurance coverage, there is no way that you can help the employee without using your own money to pay for the medical bills and the time off work. A commercial policy can help those that have injured employees in a few different ways. It can first and foremost help to pay the medical bills of the injured person and can help pay for time off work as well. If the employee decides to sue the store or workplace, it can also help pay to settle the issue and help to pay for any legal fees that are associated with resolving the case.

It can also help to protect your business. Rather than the employee being able to sue the business itself, they will be able to get compensation from the insurance policy so that you can then continue working and can prevent the shut down of the business while the issue with the employee is handled. For those that live in the area of Grand Ledge, MI, the agents at Bye Financial Group, LLC can help you find the perfect insurance policy so that you can be sure both you and your employees are protected.

Why is Health Insurance Required?

Health insurance is something that has been required in the United States for a few years now. Knowing why health insurance is required is just one way that you can understand the need for health insurance. For those that live in the Grand Ledge, MI area, the agents with Bye Financial Group, LLC can help you to find the health insurance that works best for you.

Health insurance is something that is required in the hopes that it will help to reduce the overall costs of health coverage and health care across the board. The idea is that if everyone has health coverage, the cost of health coverage for all will decrease as the hospitals and doctor’s offices will be able to rely on the health insurance to cover their costs rather than having to incorporate them into the overall cost of procedures for everyone. Having health insurance helps to cut the cost greatly and can help you to cut your own costs so that you are not having to pay out of pocket for all your healthcare needs.

Though it is required to have health insurance, it is also a very important thing to have in case of emergencies. It is important to have health insurance so that if something were to happen, you would not be put into financial strain by trying to cover the costs of the bills. Health insurance is something that can help cut the cost of your healthcare dramatically and offers many advantages including annual check-ups, pharmaceutical coverage, and much more.

For those that live in the Grand Ledge, MI area, the agents of Bye Financial Group, LLC can help you to find the coverage you need so that you can be healthy, happy, and in compliance with federal law. Reach out to our offices to learn more.

Is It Time To Upgrade My Life Insurance Policy?

Do you remember when you last reviewed your life insurance policy? If not, you are probably long overdue for a checkup. If you or your family members have experienced significant life changes since purchasing your life insurance policy, it may need to be updated to reflect those changes. If there have been no major life changes, you still may have experienced a shift in your financial goals that need to be addressed. To ensure that your life insurance policy meets your family’s security and financial needs, it’s a good idea to contact your Bye Financial Group, LLC agent to review your policy yearly to make the necessary adjustments.  

When Should I Update My Life Insurance Policy? 

There are many compelling reasons you might want to consider adjusting your current life insurance. Here are just some of the more important life changes that call for a re-assessment of your coverage.  

  • You have recently gotten married or divorced 
  • You have a new baby or other dependents 
  • You are planning to retire 
  • You have purchased a new Michigan home 
  • You have experienced a change in salary or employment 
  • Your children have moved out of the home 
  • You started or sold a Michigan business 
  • Someone in your household needs higher education funding 
  • You have received an inheritance 
  • Your spouse or child has died 

If any of the above life changes apply to your personal circumstances, it is time to look over your life insurance policy and make needed upgrades. Every person and family has different needs and circumstances, so every life insurance policy should be tailored to those unique situations. Making sure your policy meets your family’s security and financial goals will give you peace of mind and reassurance that everything is in perfect order. If you haven’t reviewed your life insurance policy recently, it’s time to meet with your Bye Financial Group, LLC agent and evaluate your changing needs.  

Commercial Insurance for a Lawn Care Business

Lawn care businesses no matter how large or how small need to be covered by a commercial insurance policy. A basic business insurance policy will protect you against any mistakes or accidental property damage caused by you or an employee to a client’s property. If you employee anyone other than just yourself, then worker’s compensation insurance is a requirement. Employers’ liability insurance will protect you from employees who could potentially sue the company over pay discrepancies or work-related accidents. This type of coverage also includes damages if an employee is injured while operating company machinery or other vehicles, and if they damage someone else’s property with that equipment or vehicle.

If you are the sole proprietor of the lawn care business and do not carry the proper insurance, then you could be held personally responsible for loss or damages. This could result in losing your business and even personal property like your home.

General liability insurance will help protect you in the event a customer files a lawsuit due to an incident on company property or while you were performing a service on their property.

Bye Financial Group, LLC in Grand Ledge, MI can help lawn care business owners assess the needs of their individual company. A knowledgeable insurance agent will discuss the types of insurance and the coverage each one provides. Beyond the basic liability coverage every lawn care business needs, there are also policies to protect against the following:

  • Theft

  • Loss of inventory

  • Identity theft protection

  • Property damage

  • Insurance for company vehicles

Stay on top of your lawn care business insurance by discussing the policy every year with Bye Financial Group, LLC in Grand Ledge, MI. This will ensure that you are covered in the event of an accident or lawsuit. Your agent can work with you to fine-tune the details of the policy and answer your questions.

Most Important Features Your Health Insurance Should Include

You purchase health insurance for yourself and your family so you can make sure you are prepared for small and large health care needs and expenses. And you want to be sure that insurance includes the necessary features. Here are the most important ones to make sure your insurance encompasses.

Specific Coverage

Your health insurance should cover the medical needs you have without covering those you don’t have. For example, if you anticipate having a baby, make sure your policy covers prenatal and maternity expenses. Also, make sure it includes adequate and quality coverage for baby and child medical expenses. If you do not plan to have a baby, you do not need this type of coverage, so it’s fine to get a policy that doesn’t emphasize such coverage.

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you or someone in your family has a pre-existing condition, you probably want a health insurance policy with coverage for that. Keep in mind that policies differ as far as what they cover when it comes to pre-existing conditions. So inform yourself, and consider your options wisely and carefully. Bye Financial Group, LLC, serving Grand Ledge, MI area, can help you do this.


Most people have a budget that puts a cap on how much they can spend on health insurance and medical needs. Figure out how much you can afford per month in health insurance costs so you know which insurance is affordable for you when you look at options. Ideally, you want to get the best coverage you can while still keeping the cost reasonable.

There are other aspects that your health insurance should include depending on your specific needs. Consider what you and your family need and what you can afford when determining the features that are best for you. Bye Financial Group, LLC, serving the Grand Ledge, MI area, would be happy to help, so get in touch when you’re ready to look into health insurance options.