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Bye Insurance serves Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, and the surrounding Michigan region and we are proud to provide auto insurance to the community. We realize that every driver is different, so we offer a variety of policy options that focus on what you need most. However, our policies all center around similar coverage options.


Bodily Harm

When you purchase an auto insurance policy with us, you receive coverage in the event you should injure another person in an accident. It takes care of their medical expenses, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. We also provide coverage that pays your medical expenses if you should incur injuries in an accident.

Property Damage

You might get into an accident that involves somebody else's property such as damaging someones fence. This part of an auto policy will pay to replace or repair the damage.


Vehicle Damage

Our policies provide coverage in the event you should damage or total another driver's vehicle. We pay the value of their car if their vehicle is totaled, so they're able to replace the automobile. In the event you just do minor damage, we pay the cost to repair the person's vehicle. You can also opt to have your vehicle covered. This means we pay to make any repairs that occur as a result of an accident. If your vehicle is totaled, we compensate you, so you're able to replace the vehicle. This is often a requirement if your vehicle isn't paid off yet.


Vehicle Rental

If you get into an accident and your car needs to be replaced or fixed, we may provide you with money to rent a car to use while you're waiting to replace or repair your vehicle.


To get auto insurance with Bye Insurance serving Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI as well as the surrounding area, contact us today to get a quote or sign up for a new policy. You can reach us at 517-622-5020 or 616-456-9790.

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