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Get a Comprehensive Boat Insurance Policy from Bye Insurance


We at Bye Insurance in Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI can help individuals stay relaxed and worry free. We can provide them with comprehensive protection to cover their family, friends, watercraft, and their boating equipment. A person will feel more at ease and enjoy being in the water knowing they are safe and their passengers and investments are safe too. We can help people in Michigan determine the best policy type and the right amount of coverage that will meet their needs.


Some of the things that one needs to consider when purchasing Michigan watercraft insurance include:

Navigation area

The navigation area in which a person is covered in water is an essential aspect when determining the type of coverage to purchase.


The agreed value coverage

Watercrafts depreciate just like other kinds of machinery, for example, vehicles. The actual value policy makes it difficult to replace a damaged or stolen boat, and this will mean that if the vessel is totally destroyed, the owner gets a compensation of the value insured minus the deductibles.



This coverage will protect the other boat owners in a case where the insured is at fault for an accident. The coverage pays for repair of any damaged property, lost wages, medical expenses, and other incurred costs resulting from the boat crash.


Physical damage coverage

This pays for the cost of replacing the insured person's watercraft, unlike the liability coverage which covers the other affected parties.


Uninsured Watercraft bodily injury

Many people choose to live without the boat insurance since it is not mandatory. In this case, if an uninsured boat hits a person, this coverage will pay for medical treatment and other costs.


Fuel spill liability and wreckage removal

In case the boat sinks or is severely damaged, chances are there will be oil leakage and fuel on the water. Boat owners are required by the law to have it cleaned up, and it could be expensive if the person does not have an insurance policy.


Above are some of the things to consider when looking for a policy at Bye Insurance. Visit or contact us for any questions and our qualified staff will be ready to help you find a boat insurance policy in Michigan that fits your needs.

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