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At Bye Insurance serving Grand Ledge, Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding area, our comprehensive services and diverse policy types set us apart from the rest. While we do offer policies for the typical driver, we realize some people have special vehicles that they cherish and don't drive on a regular basis. Thus, we have the option for classic car insurance that tailors to their specific needs and wants.


Coverage for Showcasing Your Vehicle

Your vintage vehicle might sit inside your garage most days of the year, or maybe it's underneath a cover in your carport in Michigan. Your car's time to shine might be at special events such as fairs, car shows, and other similar functions. When your car is on display for so many to see, you never know what might happen, and you don't want to be stuck footing the bill for damage you didn't do.

Parts Coverage

Since your car is an older model, you may need parts for it that are hard to find and expensive. Rather than save your money until you can afford to replace a part, use parts that weren't intended for your car, or park your car because you can't afford the expense, you can utilize our original parts coverage. This allows you to replace the parts in your car and get the exact ones your vehicle came with out of the factory. Your vehicle will continue to remain a classic and will run more efficiently with original parts.


No Depreciation Value

The value of your classic ride might never depreciate in your mind, and it doesn't have to with your insurance company when you select our classic car insurance. This means you receive the same amount to replace your vehicle that we originally agreed upon when you opened your policy with us.


Show your classic car just how much it means to you by purchasing a policy with Bye Insurance, serving Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids MI, that truly has value. To get a quote or sign up for a policy, contact us today at 517-622-5020 or 616-456-9790.

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