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You were probably told before to mind your own business, but at Bye Insurance we want to make your Michigan business part of our business. We strive to give residents of Grand Ledge, MI and Grand Rapids, MI and the general vicinity coverage for their businesses. We take the necessary steps to give you dependable insurance and outstanding customer service. We offer a wide range of commercial insurance options to our Michigan clients that cover all aspects of their business.


General Liability Insurance

We provide general liability insurance that covers if anything should happen to a visitor on your Michigan property. General liability insurance will provide coverage if someone should happen to slip and fall at your business. If a product should malfunction or a service would happen to harm a customer, we may cover it.

Business Owner's Insurance

As a business owner, you have items in your facility that may get damaged or stolen. Without insurance, you could have an unexpected expense if you need to replace any of these items. Business owner's insurance will cover the property and the belongings inside of the facility.


Worker's Compensation

One of your employees may get hurt on the job, whether it's related to them falling or part of their job. By law, they're entitled to worker's compensation. You have to pay them if they're unable to work, and this is where this type of commercial insurance comes into play. The insurance will pay the employee the benefits they're entitled.


Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you use a vehicle to transport goods, meet clients, or for any other reasons related to your business, you're using the vehicle for commercial purposes. You need insurance that covers the driver, possibly the vehicle, other drivers, other vehicles on the road, and any property that may get damaged. Commercial vehicle insurance provides coverage in these events.


To get a policy that protects your business and assets, contact Bye Insurance, serving Grand Ledge, MI and Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding area. Contact us by calling 517-622-5020 or 616-456-9790 or stop by one of our office to schedule an appointment.

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