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Flooding is one of the greatest disasters in Michigan, and it can occur anytime. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) estimated that 90 percent of crashes in Michigan involved flooding. A little amount of water can cause tremendous property damage, and the property owners are at risk.


The worst part is that many homeowners do not realize that the property insurance does not cover flood damage. For an individual to be covered from flood damage, they must buy National Flood Insurance via an insurance broker working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. We at Bye Insurance are glad to provide individuals living in Grand Ledge, MI and Lansing, MI with flood insurance coverage.


An inch of water will require homeowners to replace carpet, floorboards, drywall, and doors. It also requires additional mud clean up from the residue left behind by the flood. This can be costly to repair the mold and mildew damages.

Things you need to understand about flood insurance:


  • Buying homeowners insurance alone is not enough to protect your home and property

  • Flood insurance is used to cover the damages caused by water coming into the home dwelling. Many people do not have this coverage unless they live in a flood plain and their mortgage requires them to purchase the insurance policy. However, the coverage does not protect the basement content.

  • Considering a water backup coverage in Michigan is wise. The water backup basements also known as sewer or drains are not included in the flood insurance policy.


Does a person need to live in a floodplain to get a flood insurance policy?


About 30 percent of floods come from outside the floodplain. Just because a property is not in the floodplain, does not mean that a river cannot reach to it. An individual does not have to live in the floodplain to purchase the coverage. The coverage is for any building that is located in an area qualified by the National Flood Insurance program.


If you need flood insurance in Grand Ledge or Grand Rapids, MI, come to Bye Insurance and let us discuss a policy that will work best for you. We will help you get a policy that matches the value of your money and do it fast. Get a quote today and keep your property protected from flood damages.

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