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Different Types of Health Insurance Policies in Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI


Everyone is concerned about their health and wants to get the best when it comes to healthcare. One way of ensuring this is by getting health insurance. In Michigan, there are various health insurance requirements to make sure everyone is covered. Bye Insurance in Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI provides health insurance for different types of people throughout Michigan.


These are types of health coverage available:


Group coverage

Group coverage is mostly provided by employers. The coverage is available to all employees who are eligible. The employer is the master policyholder in this case while the employees are the certificate holders.

Individual coverage

Individual health policies can be obtained from licensed agents, health carriers, or through the health insurance marketplace. There are different plans available under this option with varying requirements.



This is a federal coverage available for people who are 65 and over. People under 65 can become eligible if they have certain disabilities.



It is a federal program that provides health coverage to people who meet a certain income requirement. It includes pregnant women, people who need nursing home care, people with disabilities, and others.


The Healthy Michigan plan

The Healthy Michigan plan is available for those who meet the following requirements:


  • Between the ages 19-64

  • Not eligible for Medicaid

  • Not enrolled in or eligible for Medicare

  • Not pregnant when applying for the coverage

  • Earning an income of up to 133% of the federal poverty level

  • A resident of Michigan

  • Student health plans


When health coverage from parents is unavailable or unaffordable, students can get student health plans. They are usually offered by institutions and are regulated by the law. This helps the student access healthcare services.


Bye Insurance provides health care coverage solutions for Michigan Residents. Contact or visit our offices in Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI to discuss a new policy or upgrade from an existing one. Our agents are available to answer all questions and guide you to the best policy choices.

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