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At Bye Insurance, serving Grand Ledge, MI and Grand Rapids, MI, we provide different insurance policies to cover all your needs in the state of Michigan. The main benefit of working with us is that you get all your needs sorted out under one roof. We have an experienced team of employees who uphold professionalism. We also offer you very innovative insurance solutions that make sure you do not pay more for any service than what you may need.


Among our coverage options, we offer a home insurance policy because we understand the importance and value of a home.


Our home insurance policies may include coverage for:

  • Coverage for damages to your home - With a home insurance policy, we cover your expenses for rebuilding or repairing your home in case it gets destroyed or damaged by hail, lightning, fire, or any other disaster as long as it is covered in your policy. Our agents can help determine the amount of protection you may need and are here to answer any questions you may have about what is or is not covered.

  • Coverage for your personal belongings - This covers all your personal belongings such as clothes, furniture, and some appliances among more in a situation where they are stolen or destroyed by a natural disaster or accident. To know the exact coverage you need, we recommend that you take a home inventory so that you can make an informed decision. After doing an inventory, you can consult any of our professional team to advise you on the best personal belonging’s coverage option.

  • Liability coverage option - With this coverage, your family is protected from any lawsuits for property damage that you are responsible for to your neighbors or any other person home. Also, it can cover for any damages caused by your pets and any medical expenses for a friend who gets injured on your property.

We all look for different aspects when we go out shopping; the same applies to insurance companies. Bye Insurance can offer you convenience and quality at the same time, making it a great choice for everyone. Feel free to contact us either by calling us or visiting our offices. Remember, Bye Insurance, serving Grand Ledge, Grand Rapids, and the greater part of Michigan, is your better insurance option.

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