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Motorcycle Insurance Basics You Need To Know

Every rider in Michigan needs to get motorcycle insurance as it is a legal requirement. Bye Insurance provides different kinds of motorcycle insurance in Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI ensuring all motorists are protected.


When it comes to motorcycle insurance in Michigan there are certain minimum requirements for all motorists. The policy must offer the following types of protection for it to be valid.


Bodily Injury Coverage

The policy offers protection if the motorist or another party gets injured in an accident where the driver is liable. The motorist has no obligation to the other party unless the policy limit is exceeded.

Property Damage

This coverage offers protection for any property damage incurred by the injured party during an accident where the driver is liable. The driver is not under any obligation to the injured party unless the damage exceeds the policy limit.


Underinsured/ Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This coverage is necessary if the rider gets into an accident and the other party is not adequately insured or does not have any insurance coverage. It ensures the driver gets compensated and all damages are covered by the policy.


Medical Payment Coverage

When an accident occurs, the rider is likely to suffer some injuries. This policy will ensure that all the medical bills are catered for in the event of an injury. The payments will be made regardless of the party at fault. The coverage is optional but recommended for motorists to include in their liability coverage.


Other additional coverage includes:

  • Roadside assistance that covers towing expenses in case the motorcycle is disabled

  • Accessory coverage that covers bike accessories for motorcycles that are not high performance

  • Motorists have to wear helmets when riding in addition to meeting the insurance requirements in Michigan.


Contact Bye Insurance for all motorcycle insurance concerns. Our agents are ready to help motorists get new insurance policies and upgrade existing ones to ensure total protection when riding on the streets of Grand Ledge, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding Michigan areas.

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