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Finding Affordable Health Insurance for your Elderly Parents

When you have an aging parent, having adequate health insurance is one of the most important things they must have. It helps make things easier in covering unexpected medical expenses for their care. If your parent is in their early 60s and doesn’t qualify for Medicare, they can be eligible for the Healthy Michigan plan being offered in the state. We at Bye Insurance, serving Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI, can provide you with various solutions to your parents’ healthcare insurance needs.

Medicare Plans are usually Good Options. If your parent is 65 or older and has a disability, they could qualify for Medicare. It is the most common inexpensive health plan for elderly people. They can enroll in either the Medicare Advantage or the Original Medicare plan. Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, gives you bundled coverage for medical and hospital care. In some cases, it covers prescription drug coverage. The Original Medicare consists of Medicare Part A & B coverage and has an additional plan of Part D, which offers prescription drug coverage.

Medicaid for Seniors On the other hand, if your parent has a low income, Medicaid is still an option. This plan provides free or affordable insurance plans for those on a limited budget. As recent as 2022, you can qualify for Medicaid if you earn up to 138% of the poverty level in 39 states, including Michigan. If your elderly parent is already enrolled in Medicare, they may qualify for dual enrollment of both this plan and Medicaid.

Healthy Michigan Plan A local option if you don’t qualify for either Medicaid or Medicare is the Healthy Michigan Plan. Michigan residents between the ages of 19-64 can now qualify for an affordable plan that meets their needs. You can get various health benefits such as maternity care, emergency services, hospitalization, etc. For more information, ask one of our insurance professionals about this plan.

Contact our Office Today Finding an affordable health plan takes time and assistance. Contact our office at Bye Insurance to schedule an appointment today.



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