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Three things that might surprise you about life insurance

You should learn about life insurance before you choose a particular policy. Plenty of things may surprise you when you’re learning about life insurance. Get the information you need on life insurance in Grand Ledge and Grand Rapids, MI at Bye Insurance.

The following are three things that might surprise you about life insurance.

You can sometimes get life insurance without having to undergo a medical exam. Life insurance companies often require a medical exam to determine the health condition of a prospective policyholder. However, this is not always the case. There are no medical exam life insurance policies available. You can take advantage of such policies if you’re worried that a health condition you have will push up your life insurance costs or disqualify you from coverage.

Your beneficiaries won’t have to pay any taxes on the death benefit. One of the best advantages of life insurance is that taxes don’t have to be paid on the death benefit policies offer. This means that the beneficiaries of a policy will be able to use the full amount of the death benefit without having to set any more aside for tax payments.

Employers often add life insurance along with their benefits packages. Some people may have basic life insurance coverage without even knowing it. That’s because life insurance is frequently offered to employees by employers.

While you might have life insurance through your employer, this coverage might be basic. That’s why it’s often a good idea to add additional life insurance coverage to your employer-sponsored life insurance coverage.

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