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As a home or car owner, Bye Financial Group, LLC in Grand Ledge, MI and Grand Rapids, MI is here to offer you flexible coverage, affordable insurance rates and professional reliable service. Residents of Grand Ledge, Lansing, Grand Rapids and the surrounding area must stay up to date on government requirements in regards to your home and auto insurance.

Insurance agents can offer their recommendations for your personal coverage, but it is essential to understand what is required of you, what's available to you, and what protection you will receive based on the coverage. We're here to offer you individualized insurance plans that will provide you with the best coverage within your budget.

Michigan Auto Insurance Coverage

It is required that all residents of Michigan purchase no-fault auto insurance. This means that your auto insurance may pay an unlimited amount towards medical and rehab bills, or even any loss of wages. For serious accidents, you will save thousands of dollars. It is up to the insurance buyer to find the rate they want to pay and how much coverage they wish to receive.

State laws control the factors that go into auto insurance rates. The factors that will be used to determine your rate will include your:

  • Vehicle
  • Driving record
  • Driving experience or age
  • Commuting mileage
  • Number of vehicles/licenses per household
  • Insurance Scoring

Our agents are more than happy to help you understand your coverage options, deductibles, and other limits that will suit your needs. We want to get you the best premium rate possible.

Michigan Home Insurance Coverage

By Michigan's law, you aren't required to purchase homeowners insurance. However, if you're financing your home, you will be required by your lender to have insurance as a measure of financial protection. If you are not in this position and decide not to purchase home owner's insurance, you are in charge of covering property damages.

There are several types of coverage you can add to your home insurance policy. Some of the common types of coverage include:

  • Dwelling or Home Structure Coverage: Protects your home's physical structure
  • Other Structures Coverage: Protects any other building's physical structures located on your property
  • Personal Property Coverage: Protects belongings
  • Liability Coverage: Protection when sued by another for injury on your property
  • Water backup

You have many options available in personalizing your home insurance coverage. Our agents understand your needs as homeowners, including finding high-quality, affordable policies that protect what matters to you.

Use our online rating tool to determine a home or auto insurance quote straight from the comfort of your computer. For specific services, give us a call and stop by our office. Bye Financial Group, LLC in Grand Ledge, MI is here to help you save while providing you with personalized insurance coverage from a company you can trust.

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